Breach at the American Bankers Association exposes 6,400 emails and passwords

The American Bankers Association (ABA), based in Washington, D.C., is notifying more than 6,000 ABA shopping cart users of a breach that exposed their personal information.

How many victims? 6,400.

What type of personal information? ABA shopping cart user names, email addresses and passwords.

What happened? The ABA is not 100 percent certain how the breach occurred saying it is not aware of any fraudulent activity associated with this incident. It is conducting a further investigation.

What was the response? The ABA has reset all shopping cart passwords and is now working with a cybersecurity forensics company to identify the origin and full extent of the breach. The ABA is also working with cyber information sharing groups to identify threats and breaches and to respond quickly.

Details: The ABA said the incident was discovered on Sept. 30

Quote from ABA: “ABA takes data security very seriously. Unfortunately, we have discovered that email addresses and passwords used primarily by ABA members to make purchases or register for events through’s Shopping Cart have been compromised. Though we are not aware of any fraudulent activity associated with this, we are taking the breach seriously and have launched an immediate investigation,”

Source: A written statement on the ABA website posted on Oct. 1, 2015


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