Covata Targets Telcos with Revamped Secure File-Sharing

Telcos are increasingly getting into the managed security game, and to make that easier, Covata has upgraded its Safe Share file sharing and storage solution to cater to telco needs.

The revamped product enables a software as a service (SaaS) model that telecom companies can roll out to their enterprise and public sector customers as an add-on to connectivity.

Safe Share 3.0 also supports multi-tenancy, so that any enterprise tenant can define where data is stored through high-performance read/write capabilities to a storage location. This means that each tenant could mandate all Safe Share data be stored in a separate location inside the telco data center, or in a separate offsite altogether. It puts the enterprise in control of where its data is stored and separates it from the encryption key and access service, logically and physically.

A “Fingerprint View” feature adds a watermark to a file and includes a ‘fingerprint’ when opening a file in the Safe Share Secure Viewer. The fingerprint technology includes unique attributes of the person (identity), along with date and time and other information such as classifications (secret/top-secret) into the watermark. This offers an additional layer of traceability and closes the security loop and control on shared files, the company said.

The Secure Viewer also allows for controls such as blocking copy and paste, downloads and printing of file/content in the browser.

Covata has also made improvements to the Instant Revocation feature that allows the originator of a file to kill the file—i.e. login and revoke access to any Secure View that is active (and by default any future request to view). The practical application of this is where a file has been shared with many users who may all be actively viewing the file at once—for example a time-sensitive release. Should the creator wish to kill access, the Secure Viewer of each user’s browser simply goes blank—without a refresh or any action by the user.

“The security needs of our customers are constantly evolving,” said Trent Telford, Covata CEO. “Today’s workforce handles sensitive data and transacts business using mobile devices, often outside the safety of their enterprise network, or outside the protection of their home countries’ data use laws. Safe Share was created to be device-agnostic, file-type agnostic and network-agnostic, which means business can truly be done from anywhere, at any time—with a kill switch tethered to the data at any time should the creator wish.”


SOURCE: Tara Seals | Infosecurity Magazine

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