Businesses Lagging Behind in Defending Next-Gen Mobile Threats

More than 50% of organizations have at least one non-compliant device at any given time, according to new research by MobileIron Security Labs.

Its report ‘Q4 Mobile Security and Risk Review’ explores the current state of mobile security highlighting the set of threats and risks that companies are facing – particularly compliance failures, compromised devices, and data loss risks.

Findings suggest that enterprises are using outdated security methods to tackle next-generation mobile threats, with companies failing to address the challenges bought forward by the emergence of more cloud-based services.

PC era security approaches such as blacklisting underestimate new mobile threats and are not scalable to the vast numbers of mobile apps used today, leaving companies vulnerable to attack.

In a statement to Infosecurity Gert-Jan Schenk, VP of EMEA, Lookout, urged companies to avoid playing a dangerous game of ‘catch-up’ by using yesterday’s technologies to secure today’s connected devices.

“The reality is that the existing security model is broken and not designed for today’s world where cloud access and mobility are requirements. The irony is that everybody knows it, but they are stuck. Vendors, CEOs, IT, Security. Nobody trusts the current security model any more than the billions of people reading headlines about the latest breach.

“The danger is very simple; organizations relying on old world techniques like traditional antivirus make their corporate data vulnerable.”

Despite mobile malware risks increasing throughout 2015, more than 95% of enterprises have no protection in place to counteract them. Schenk believes this is because the risks of mobile-based attacks are not currently being brought to the fore.

SOURCE: Michael Hill | Infosecurity Magazine


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