Before you root that android device

 Rooting refers to the process of increasing the level of privilege to an unauthorized administrative level on an android system. This process is known as ‘jailbreaking’ and  ‘unlocking’ on the iOS and Windows Phone OS respectively. Rooting gives android users the power to change their OS completely.

Rooting an android device gives the user the following privileges:

  • More control over hardware resources than is accessible in an unrooted device
  • Ability to remove manufacturer pre-installed features that use up space on the device.
  • Ability to install a custom ROM with features that are not available in the original ROMs. This makes it possible to upgrade to the latest version of Android if your manufacturer no longer updates the device.
  • Ability to install apps from every possible source; no longer limited to the Google Play Store

Rooting an android device poses some risks to users:

  • If the process is not correctly carried out, the device might end up bricked – damaged beyond repair.
  • A rooted android device loses it’s warranty from the manufacturer.
  • A rooted android device is very vulnerable to malicious applications.

There are several tools for rooting android devices available for users and rooted devices can be unrooted using appropriate tools. It is advisable to keep your mobile antivirus active before and after the rooting process to ensure that your device is not infected by malicious apps.


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