Trojan uses TeamViewer to spy on Victims

Dr. Web Researchers have warned of a backdoor Trojan targeting US users. The Trojan which is distributed under the name Spy-Agent and identified by Dr. Web as BackDoor.TeamViewerENT.1 uses legitimate TeamViewer components to spy on victims and have in the past targeted European and Russian users.

The Trojan further installs additional malware like keyloggers and form grabbers on infected systems and use them to spy on users. The researchers noted that the Trojan hides itself from users by terminating the TeamViewer process whenever Task Manager or Process Explorer is started and by disabling error messaging in TeamViewer.

To prevent Trojan infections, computer users are advised to:

  • Use a robust anti-virus software
  • Use firewall
  • Ensure software patches are updated
  • Ensure proper user-accounts permissions; giving administrative rights only where required.

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