Michigan State University database breached


Students and staff records in a Michigan State University database has been accessed by unauthorized third party

How many victims? 400,000 records of 449 students and staff.

What type of information? Names, social security numbers, MSU identification numbers, and in some cases, date of birth of faculty, staff and students who were employed by MSU between 1970 and Nov. 13, 2016, and students who attended MSU between 1991 and 2016.

What happened?  Michigan State University announced last Friday that a server and a database containing the breached information was accessed by an unauthorized third party on November 13. The database was taken offline in less than 24 hours but the attacker accessed records of 449 individuals.

What was the response?  MSU’s IT team immediately determined the cause and nature of the breach and the MSU Police Department is working with federal law enforcement to investigate the crime. The university already notified affected parties and has offered them two years of identity theft protection, fraud recovery credit card monitoring for free. They also ensured that the database did not contain passwords, financial, acadmeic, contact, gift or health information, according to SC Magazine.


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