Anonymous Attacks North Carolina over LBGT Discrimination

One of the members of the Anonymous hacking collective has launched an offensive in support of North Carolina’s trangender population.

A series of cyberattacks is underway against government portals in the state to protest against the so-called “bathroom bill.” The bill has a staunch supporter in Governor Pat McCrory, and essentially seeks to ban transgender people from using a bathroom that does not match their birth gender.

It has been described as the most anti-LGBT legislation in the United States, and in May the United States Department of Justice sued Governor McCrory, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, and the University of North Carolina system, stating that House Bill 2 violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Violence Against Women Act.

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Anonymous #OpIcarus Hits Bank of England Email

Attackers affiliated to the Anonymous collective claimed to have taken down the Bank of England’s internal email server.

According to Anon News, the attackers claimed to have taken down the Bank of England’s internal email server as part of an operation dubbed ‘OpIcarus.’ The websites of the National Reserve Bank of Tonga, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the central banks of Sweden, Myanmar and Laos were also claimed to have been hit.

Stephanie Weagle, senior director at Corero Network Security, said: “While the impact on the individual targets of the DDoS attack campaign, ‘OpIcarus’ is unclear; obstructing or eliminating the availability of email servers is significant. In an online world any type of service outage is barely tolerated, especially in the banking industry where transactions and communications are often time-sensitive, and account security is of utmost importance.”

In January, a statement about OpIcarus said that the power behind the throne lies “within the global financial system, centered within the New York Stock Exchange and Bank of England”.

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20 Angolan Government Websites shut down by Anonymous

12801544_549796165182526_7060232751068158113_nAccording to reports by Sahara Reports, 20 Angolan Websites have been shutdown by hacktivist group Anonymous after 17 young activists were arrested for allegedly plotting a rebellion against President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ government and sentenced to between two and eight-and-a-half years in prison.

A Portuguese branch of Anonymous provided a list of the sites it had taken down on Facebook. Below is an English translation of the Portuguese Facebook post

#‎Oplusofonia‬ ‪#‎Angola‬ ‪#‎luaty‬
The real criminals are on the outside, defended by a capitalist system that increasingly spreads in the minds of the weak and needy of intellectual independence, don’t get caught.

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Anonymous Carry-out DDoS Attack on Japanese Airport Website

phantom-squad-anonymous-hackers-480x360The hacktivist group Anonymous have claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack which took down the website of Narita International Airport, near Tokyo.

IB Times reported that the website went offline for several hours on 22 and 23 January and although flights operated normally passengers were unable to access information on the site.

A Twitter account linked to Anonymous revealed the attack was carried out as part of a revenge protest following the detainment of Ric O’Barry, a leading animal rights activist, on 18 January. O’Barry was refused entry into Japan by immigration authorities after he was accused of planning to support a campaign against the slaughter of dolphins. Continue reading

Anonymous Launches Cyber Attack On Turkey Over Alleged Support Of ISIS

Hacktivist group Anonymous has declared cyber war on Turkey over the nation’s alleged support of ISIS.

The hacking collective has claimed responsibility for a large-scale hack last week that brought down around 40,000 Turkish websites.

While many of the larger websites are now back online, a number of smaller sites are reportedly still inaccessible.

In a video message, Anonymous has vowed to intensify web attacks on Turkey if its alleged support of the terrorist group continues.

As well as military sites, the hackers warn that future cyber attacks could also target airports and banks.

While Anonymous is primarily targeting the Turkish government with its hacks, it’s possible that Turkish citizens could also be affected by any future attacks on the country’s infrastructure.

The video ends with the warning: “Stop this insanity now Turkey. Your fate is in your own hands.”

Anonymous recently declared cyber war on ISIS while other recent targets include the Ku Klux Klan and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

SOURCE: Yahoo News

Anonymous hack crusade against whaling downs nearly 100 sites in Japan


The hacktivist group Anonymous has attacked at least 97 websites in Japan since September, the country’s police has revealed. The attacks are meant to protest controversial whaling practices in the East Asian country.

The websites of government offices, groups involved in dolphin and whale hunting, aquariums, news organizations and airports have been targeted, Japanese national broadcaster NHK reported. Among the highest-profile cases was the downing of the personal website of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week.

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Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump — #OpTrump

Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump

After targeting the Islamic State (ISIS) group in the wake of Deadly terror attacks in Paris, hacktivist group Anonymous has now turned its attention to controversial US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The hacktivist group has declared war against Donald Trump following his recent radical speech stating he wanted to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Anonymous vs. Donald Trump

On Wednesday, Anonymous slams Trump by posting a YouTube video in which a man in a Guy Fawkes mask says:

“Donald Trump, it has come to our attention that you wish to ban all muslims from entering the United States. Muslims and Islam are not the problem. This policy will have grave impact and will serve only to fuel the emotions that ISIS uses to recruit muslims. Certainly ISIS will use this to their advantage in their social media campaigns. Instead of focusing on the innocent, the focus should be set on ways to protect them from the radicalized individuals they flee. Donald Trump, think twice before you speak. This policy is one that cannot be accepted. Denying people of opportunity to escape hardship is not a solution of a future world leader. If anything, this solution will only bear more conflict. We cannot sit idle with the possibilty of detrimental consequences. Should this policy be pursued any further, we will have no choice but to take action.”

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