European Commission experience DDoS attack

The European Commission was attacked around 3pm on November 24th by a DDoS. Both the EU’s main website and the network gateways were targeted in the attack making it difficult for staff to work.

The EC pointed out that nothing was breached and no data was stolen. The Commission’s security team were fighting off another wave of attacks later that evening, SC Magazine reports.

Little is publicly known about the source of the attack.


Internet Hosting Company OVH suffers DDoS attacks

​Over the past week, internet hosting company, OVH has suffered a massive DDoS attack with peaks of over 1Tb/s of traffic. This is the biggest DDoS attack known to date.

The founder and CTO of OVH tweeted: This botnet with 145607 cameras/dvr (1-30Mbps per IP) is able to send >1.5Tbps DDoS. Type: tcp/ack, tcp/ack+psh, tcp/syn,” and “last days, we got lot of huge DDoS. Here, the list of ‘bigger that 100Gbps’ only. You can see the simultaneous DDoS are close to 1Tbps!”.

KrebsonSecurity also suffered a huge attack of between 620 and 665 Gbps last week.

Australian Bureau of Statistics suffers DDoS

absThe Australian Bureau of Statistics suffered four attacks during the week in the process of her five-yearly census. The census website was taken offline overnight on Tuesday.

The Bureau in a statement on their website mentioned that they took an abundance of caution by closing down the online Census form to protect data already submitted and the system from further incidents and minimize disruption on the Australian public of an unreliable service. They also confirmed that the disruption was not a hack and no data was compromised.

The attack is suspected to be launched from overseas and the site will be restored as soon as the necessary defenses are effected.

Anonymous #OpIcarus Hits Bank of England Email

Attackers affiliated to the Anonymous collective claimed to have taken down the Bank of England’s internal email server.

According to Anon News, the attackers claimed to have taken down the Bank of England’s internal email server as part of an operation dubbed ‘OpIcarus.’ The websites of the National Reserve Bank of Tonga, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the central banks of Sweden, Myanmar and Laos were also claimed to have been hit.

Stephanie Weagle, senior director at Corero Network Security, said: “While the impact on the individual targets of the DDoS attack campaign, ‘OpIcarus’ is unclear; obstructing or eliminating the availability of email servers is significant. In an online world any type of service outage is barely tolerated, especially in the banking industry where transactions and communications are often time-sensitive, and account security is of utmost importance.”

In January, a statement about OpIcarus said that the power behind the throne lies “within the global financial system, centered within the New York Stock Exchange and Bank of England”.

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Hackers Breach and Shame the KKK’s Security Company

DDoS protection firm Staminus has been breached and shamed by hackers, who released a mocking “Tips When Running a Security Company” list along with a data dump of Staminus customer information, including that for sites belonging to the Ku Klux Klan.

A crew going by the name of FTA took responsibility. The motivation was to bring to light one of Staminus’ key customers: The KKK.

“Yes, that’s right, Staminus was hosting the KKK and its affiliates,” it said. “An organization legally recognized in some regions as a terrorist collective. Not that we hold anything against the KKK. Choosing such an awful host as Staminus however is unforgiveable [sic], and consequently they had to be punished.” Continue reading

Anonymous Carry-out DDoS Attack on Japanese Airport Website

phantom-squad-anonymous-hackers-480x360The hacktivist group Anonymous have claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack which took down the website of Narita International Airport, near Tokyo.

IB Times reported that the website went offline for several hours on 22 and 23 January and although flights operated normally passengers were unable to access information on the site.

A Twitter account linked to Anonymous revealed the attack was carried out as part of a revenge protest following the detainment of Ric O’Barry, a leading animal rights activist, on 18 January. O’Barry was refused entry into Japan by immigration authorities after he was accused of planning to support a campaign against the slaughter of dolphins. Continue reading

Hackers Plan to Ruin Christmas Eve for Millions of PlayStation and Xbox Live Gamers

Remember the notorious hacker group Lizard Squad that spoiled last Christmas holidays of many game lovers by knocking the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live offline with apparent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks?
But, Will you be able to Play Xbox and PlayStation Game this Christmas?
Probably Not.
Because a new hacking group is threatening to carry out similar attacks by taking down the Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network for a week during Christmas.

Be Ready this Christmas for Attacks on PSN and XBox LIVE

In a series of tweets, a bunch of DDoS hackers calling themselves “Phantom Group” (@PhantomSquad) announced that they will disrupt the XBox Live and PlayStation networks in a coordinated DoS attack.

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